We take immense pride in recognising and celebrating the outstanding achievements of our students. This page serves as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and talent exhibited by our exceptional individuals.

As you browse through these achievements, you’ll discover the remarkable accomplishments of our students across various domains, including academic, competitions, hackathon,  design challenges, and more. We believe that acknowledging and applauding these achievements not only honours the individuals involved but also inspires and motivates others to pursue excellence in their own endeavours. Whether it’s a prestigious award, a noteworthy accomplishment, or a significant milestone, every achievement is a testament to the commitment and resilience of our students.


  • Students of Product Design and Management (PDM) at IIIT Hyderabad consisting of Shambhavi Ojha, Aniket Chandekar, and Anuj Malviya have represented their university in a Student service design challenge 2023 where they presented “Blue Bird” and stood finalists for the competition. Blue Bird is a tool made by students in Product Design and Management. Its goal is to help patients and families dealing with serious illnesses. The platform teaches about health, offers comfort, guidance, and connects people who share similar experiences. It provides emotional support and practical help for those facing tough challenges.
  • A team of four students (Bishwajeet, Karthik, Deepanshu, Jotishwar) of Product Design and Management (PDM) at IIIT Hyderabad focusing on the theme of sustainable hospitality and tourism, over 200 teams participated the Team Sankalp won the first prize with their e-bike solution and secured INR 25,000 for their innovative e-bike rental solution aimed at promoting sustainable hospitality and tourism during the national-level Sustainability Hackathon organized by the Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development (CESD) at the Goa Institute of Management.
  • Anuj Malviya, Josh Elias, students of Product Design and Management (PDM) at IIIT Hyderabad collaborated on this project as part of the Wearables System Design course. They stood runner-up for Wearable Joystick. They conceptualized and developed a wearable gaming system designed to encourage physical exercise while providing an enjoyable gaming experience. Drawing inspiration from the Google Chrome dino game, the unique aspect of their design is that players must physically jump to engage with the game.


  • Hamara Chaoudhuri a student of Product Design and Management at IIIT Hyderabad has secured a spot in the final round of the prestigious GeoSpatial Hackathon-StartUp Challenge. The challenge, organised by CIE-IIIT Hyderabad alongside the Dept of Science & Technology, Survey Of India, and Microsoft, attracted 140 applications, but only the top 20, including Hamara, progressed to the final stage. Focused on developing “Contactless Enforcement Solutions For Cycle Lanes to promote Active Mobility in India as safe as possible,” the hackathon tackles a vital concern. Hamara’s participation highlights their dedication to innovation and creating positive societal impact.
  • Aniket Chandekar and Anuj Malviya, students of Product Design and Management (PDM) at IIIT Hyderabad have distinguished themselves as one of the top 5 finalists during the Global Conference 2022’s Salesforce Design Competition, held within the framework of Design Days—an event dedicated to promoting design-led innovation and digital transformation.The focal point of Lucid’s endeavour was addressing the urgent matter of plastic waste disposal in rural India. Their proposed solution emphasised fostering collaboration between brands and local stakeholders in rural areas to establish effective waste management systems.
  • Josh, a student of Product Design and Management (PDM) at IIIT Hyderabad has been a winner in Hackaday odd inputs and peculiar peripherals contest sponsored by Digi-Key Electronics Josh EJ made a significant contribution by ingeniously transforming an exercise bike into a wireless gamepad. In this innovative project, he utilized an ESP32 converted into a Bluetooth gamepad as the central processing unit.
  • Josh, a student of Product Design and Management (PDM) at IIIT Hyderabad has also won Second prize in Autodesk Instructables Remote control contest.This competition is for any project one can control with a remote! One can either tweak a remote-controlled toy one already has or create your very own remote-controlled masterpiece.