PDM Graduation Projects

No. Project Title Product/Solution Summary Students Project Poster Thumbnail
1 Unlabelled.FM “Unlabelled.FM” tackles a prevalent challenge in the music industry; assessing the potential success of compositions, which often hinders independent artists and producers. Unlabelled.FM is an AI-powered solution, predicting song popularity. By uploading compositions and receiving genre-specific predictions, musicians can optimize resource allocation and maximize promotional efforts, enhancing their chances of success in the competitive music market. Shambhavi & Anuj
2 Fytt.io Wearable fitness trackers are popular for monitoring physical activity, sleep, and nutrition, but sharing data is cumbersome. “Fytt.io” enhances trainer-client interactions by providing comprehensive fitness data, addressing tracker limitations. Research with trainers and users informed our holistic approach, ensuring streamlined tracking and improved engagement for all fitness enthusiasts. Aniket & Josh
3 Finsocial “Finsocial” is an innovative investment-themed social platform for both novice and active investors, offering curated stock market insights and a supportive community. It simplifies the investment landscape for beginners, providing personalized options and reliable information. For experienced investors, Finsocial fosters connections and knowledge-sharing, enhancing their investment journey with tailored news summaries and sentiment analysis. This community-driven platform empowers users with informed decision-making capabilities, revolutionizing their interaction with the stock market. Param & Sandyalia
4 For I-Dx “For I-Dx”, Instructional Design Platform offers an innovative solution for educators by integrating the Backward Design approach and pre-trained Large Language Models. This web application streamlines course design, reducing time and effort. It empowers educators to create courses more accurately and efficiently, enhancing overall quality and effectiveness. The platform’s streamlined design process, guided fields, and personalized approach cater to educators of all levels, making it a transformative tool in instructional design. Srinivas
5 Aurora In the age of rapid data evolution, models like GPT-4 and LLAMA have revolutionized information access. However, challenges persist in large-scale data extraction, impacting organizational efficiency. Our proposed solution, “Aurora” is a system enabling seamless information extraction without human intervention, prompting comprehensive research into optimizing data retrieval systems. Key issues identified include time-consuming data acquisition and resulting productivity losses within organizations. Gopi & Venkat
6 ScientiQuick “ScientiQuick” revolutionizes research management for academics by addressing challenges like complex paper comprehension, data organization, collaboration inefficiencies, and motivation. It offers interactive annotation tools for deeper paper understanding, a unified workspace for seamless collaboration, and automated data management. Gamified progress tracking keeps researchers motivated, while a dedicated social network fosters community engagement. Poorna
7 Flowsight In industry CI/CD interoperability issues are quite common. Analysis of market tools revealed unresolved interoperability challenges between CD tools, underscoring the need for a tool to monitor modifications from development to production in interoperable pipelines. The project scope includes developing a Low-Fidelity prototype to track changes from development to deployment stages in a unified tool. Bhargava


No. Project Title Product/Solution Summary Students Project Poster Thumbnail
1 Kyou2 “Kyou2”, the Carbon Trading Platform, is designed to revolutionize the carbon market by offering a transparent, efficient, and compliant environment for trading carbon credits. It caters to various stakeholders, including farmers, corporations, and regulatory bodies, helping them navigate the complexities of carbon trading. The platform leverages cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain for secure transactions, AI for carbon footprint calculation, and data analysis for real-time emission monitoring. These technologies ensure that the platform is robust, secure, and capable of handling significant transaction volumes. Umesh
2 GreenTrace “GreenTrace is a seamless solution for the apparel industry, addressing the significant challenges of navigating complex supply chains and obtaining comprehensive environmental data. As consumer demand for sustainability increases, GreenTrace provides a streamlined API that effortlessly integrates Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data directly into your existing supply chain management (SCM) system. This eliminates the need for cumbersome replacements and costly investments, simplifying sustainable supply chain planning. Bharath
3 Finease “Finease” is a modular, AI-driven platform that simplifies bookkeeping, automates tax and compliance tasks, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Key features include smart bookkeeping, automated tax and compliance processes, and real-time financial document management with integration into communication platforms like WhatsApp. Sarath, Akansha & Kushlov
4 MediSync “MediSync” revolutionizes healthcare accessibility by offering a comprehensive, user-friendly AI-enabled telemedicine platform. This platform seamlessly connects patients with healthcare providers, facilitating timely, effective, and personalized medical care for individuals with chronic diseases, the elderly, caregivers, physicians, non-emergency specialty care providers, and busy urban professionals. Balaji
5 VR Resilience Builder “VR Resilience Builder” offers immersive exposure therapy using virtual reality to assist school children in overcoming fears and phobias related to bullying. Developed with the Unity game engine, this solution is compatible with Oculus Quest and presents multiple VR scenarios depicting bullying and harassment of increasing intensity. A virtual companion guides children, suggesting coping strategies, helping them develop skills, and building their resilience. Manisha
6 APPRAISE- Enhancing Fairness in Employee Appraisal Process “Appraise” leverages AI to set clear, individualized objectives using the OKR approach and incorporates a peer review system with equal weight as managerial reviews. These features aim to offer deeper insights into employee performance and reduce bias in appraisal decisions. Additionally, our solution provides AI-driven suggestions based on past data to help employees improve their performance. Srivarshini & Kishore
7 ConceptCure “ConceptCure” is an AI buddy that explains concepts using a mix of languages like Hinglish for easier understanding. It adapts lessons to each student’s level and uses everyday conversations to make learning enjoyable. ConceptCure reviews past topics to reinforce memory and checks understanding with follow-up questions. Accessible via WhatsApp or its app, it offers personalized learning anytime. Pravince & Bishwajeet
8 JobSims “JobSims” leverages AI to empower recruiters by generating custom interview screening tests tailored to specific roles, saving valuable time and ensuring relevance. It also dynamically creates follow-up questions, offering deeper insights into candidate skills and thought processes. Detailed performance analytics provide actionable insights, enabling informed hiring decisions. Pratyush & Atharva
9 Pocket Pal “Pocket Pal” provides a comprehensive solution with its AI advisory system, offering personalized financial advice. By analyzing user behavior, spending patterns, and financial goals, this AI system delivers tailored recommendations to help users make better decisions, avoid impulsive purchases, and improve their overall financial health. The app includes features such as predictive budgeting, goal-setting assistance, and alerts about spending habits. Aditya & Bharti
10 Distro-Cred “Distro-Cred” is a platform where both FMCGs and Distributors to freely register and make deals through recommendations. Credit can be pushed by lenders leveraging purchase orders. Srikiran
11 Intili-Dispute “Intelli-Dispute” is a SAAS enabled dispute management system incorporating regulatory guidelines and updates for assured compliance. Abhishek
12 SQUAD “SQUAD” is an AI-driven platform designed to assist managers in tracking employee performance and conducting appraisals efficiently. It employs quizzes to assess manager archetypes and tracks employee sentiment through various channels like direct chats, project contributions, and surveys. Using data-driven insights, SQUAD recommends actionable strategies to enhance managerial effectiveness. Saketh
13 Englingo “Englingo” offers a user-friendly solution for assessing English proficiency across multiple levels, catering to educational institutions, corporations, students preparing for international studies, professionals seeking immigration, and language learners. Using advanced AI technology, it delivers accurate testing experiences with immediate results and detailed feedback. The platform includes contextual scoring, template recognition, and a speech-to-text module, distinguishing it for its precision and adaptability. Deepanshu & Abhineet
14 Paddy Weeder “Paddy Weeder”, Targets the small Indian rice (paddy) farmers with less than 2 hectares of land and address the challenge of weed management, which reduces their yield by 43.3%. “Paddy Weeder” is a remote-controlled robotic system equipped with a camera to identify and remove weeds using a spinning metal cutter. This innovation aims to automate and streamline the weeding process, cutting costs and enhancing agricultural efficiency effectively. Sairam
15 Safe Travel India “Safe Travels India” empowers solo female travelers in India with enhanced safety through real-time information and community support. Using marker-based AR technology, the app offers on-the-spot details about locations, enriching travel experiences with restaurant options, safety assessments, and real-time amenity data. It includes features like companion and group member requests to foster a supportive community, ensuring women can explore India confidently and securely. Karthik