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Design Thinking – Train the Trainer, 2 Days Workshop for Faculty (Mar 23rd – 24th, 2023)

The National Education Policy 2020 (Para 4.24) has recommended concerted curricular and pedagogical initiatives, including the introduction of contemporary subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, DESIGN THINKING, Holistic Health, Environmental Education, Global Citizenship Education (GCED), etc. at relevant stages. This initiative will require many trained faculty who can teach Design Thinking to students at the school and university level. Considering the same, Software Engineering Research Center and Product Design & Management program of IIIT Hyderabad PDM-SERC is organising series of two days “Design Thinking: Train the Trainer” workshop to train Faculty members representing engineering and technology institution/universities in and around Hyderabad. SERC is already successfully running a Masters program in Product Design and Management (PDM). The participants of this workshop will receive a Certificate of Merit based on their evaluation performance, and others will receive a Participation Certificate.

NOTE: This will be a physical workshop. The last date to fill out the application form and pay the registration fee of Rs.500 + Taxes is March 18th (Saturday), 2023.

This workshop is limited to 30 participants, who will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. A maximum of three participants from a single institution or university will be accommodated.

Previous Workshops:


SERC-PDM Conducted two days “DESIGN THINKING – TRAIN THE TRAINER” Workshop from 27 th  to 28 th  Jan 2023 at PDM Studio, Nilgiri Block, IIIT Campus, which was attended by 21 Faculty members from various Engineering Universities and Institution from Hyderabad and Kurnool.

This workshop was conducted as part of series of workshop planned to train more faculties who can teach Design Thinking course in their respective universities.  Design Thinking has been included as part of the curriculum of Education including Engineering and Technology under the new National Educational Policy (NEP).

The workshop was conducted by Raman Saxena and Prof. Raghu Reddy and coordinated by Usha Bala Vangavety. Many students’ volunteers from PDM Program including Sri Varshini, Karthik, Atharva, Deepanshu, Arvind, Bishwajeet, Pratyush, Shambhavi, Anuj, Aniket, Param & Srinivas and Rohan Reddy (MS research) Shradha Iyer and Vaibhav (B.Tech.) helped us in successfully organising this workshop.


Design Thinking Workshop III - 23/04/2022

The Third Design Thinking Workshop was held on 23rd April 2022 at Saranga Hall, Nilgiri Block and KRB Auditorium at IIIT H Campus. The theme of the workshop was "The Value of Bicycling Experience for a City and its People".

The Workshop explored:"How Can We Promote and Support, Safe and Comfortable Bicycling Experience for the People Living in Hyderabad so that Hyderabad is Transformed into Healthier & Happier City and How Technology can Support this Goal?"

There was an overwhelming response to the workshop. A total of 240 participants including, Students, and Young Professionals from Industry and Startups attended the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Raman Saxena and Prof. Raghu Reddy (SERC). Designated "Bicycle Mayor of Hyderabad City" Shri Santhana Selvan and Mr. Ravi representing Greater Hyderabad Active Mobility Foundation were invited as subject matter experts and end users of the potential product. They shared their thoughts and answered questions coming from the workshop participants.
Design Thinking Workshop II - 08/04/2022

The Second Design Thinking Workshop was held on on 8th April 2022 at Saranga Hall, Nilgiri Block, IIIT H Campus. The theme of the workshop was "Cost of Loneliness Amongst Indian Youth, Can Technology Help?"

The workshop explored:
"How Might We Help the Indian Youth Combating Loneliness and Its Devastating Emotional, Physical and Economic Consequences?".

A total of 30 participants including , Students, and Young Professionals attended the workshop. The workshop was conceptualised, curated, and conducted by Prof. Raman Saxena (SERC) and Dr. Priyanka Srivastava (Perception and Cognition Lab) and was supported & sponsored by Prof. Raghu Reddy, Head of PDM & SERC and Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, PDM Programme. Dr. Hima Ravi, consultant psychiatrist was the invited as subject matter expert to share her perspective on combating loneliness.
Design Thinking Workshop I - 09/10/2021

The First Design Thinking Workshop was held on 9th October 2021 at H105, Himalaya Block, IIIT H Campus. The theme of the workshop was "Simplifying online teaching and examinations“.

A total about 64 participants including, Students, and Young Professionals attended the workshop. The workshop was conceptualised, curated, and conducted by Prof. Raghu Reddy (SERC).

Design Thinking is a popular problem-solving method focused on finding solutions to complex problems with a human-centred approach. The focus of the workshop is on understanding the people for whom the products or services are being designed.. As part of the workshop, the participants learned the basics of design thinking, including design processes, human factors, and rapid prototyping.

Maker Lab

One Day Maker Lab Workshop - Batch1 - 07/05/2022

A brief overview of physical products and product prototypes made with several examples and to introduce various machines. With a specific product say An LED matrix display product(Image in Gallery section below). This product will be designed and then break it down into its constituent building blocks. The building blocks become the tasks. With each task needs one type of machine, starting from the cad tool (Tinker CAD & Fusion360) that is used to get the visual form, and then break it into parts, and get machines ready drawings for each part (3d printing or laser cutting).


Students Achievements

Happy to share the news that IIIT H team (TEAM SANKALP) consisting of
M. Tech PDM students – Deepanshu Garg, Karthik Konar, Bishwajeet Pal and Jyotheeswar Ganne have won the FIRST place in the National Level “Sustainability Hackathon” conducted by The Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development, Goa Institute of Management to promote “Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality” in India.

There were 216 registered teams for the Hackathon, out of which 5 teams were shortlisted for finals. IIIT H team – “Sankalp” won the first prize of INR 25,000 for their idea on e-bike service in India. They were awarded the “Best Idea” by the jury.

Prof.Raman Saxena mentored the students.

Congratulations to the team members and the mentor!

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