Course Projects

Product Design Workshop

The product design workshop is an integrated effort to create a market connected product or solution. It may lead to a startup or a product that can create some social impact. For tech professionals from industry, the project may lead to a very relevant product that can be used in government or social sectors. And for startup aspirants, the thesis may lead towards the first market MVP of their startup idea.

Interactive Wall Art

Interactive art is when people engage with a piece of art and expect some response to any stimulus. It is a good way to create fun experiences, especially in public spaces like offices and university spaces. When people try to interact with such artworks and they get a different serendipitous outcome, they get amused and surprised.

In this project, we build a single interactive tile that is modular and can be scaled up to any dimension one desires. The Tile is electromechanical, it uses Servo motors to move RGB LEDs forward and backward. Each Tile consists of 16 servo motors controlled by 16-bit channel connector controlled by an Arduino Module. The Tiles can function individually or can be assembled and expanded to work together with other Tiles. Various visual effects and patterns can be created with this setup and this gets even more interesting as you scale up the Tile to multiple pieces. The interaction element has been added using a camera and Computer vision to track the palm of the hand. Here are some video demos.

Interactive Wall Art project has won the second prize in the Instructables “Make it move” challenge sponsored by Autodesk.

This Project was as a part of the course ‘Product Design Workshop’ work of the PDM students – Vinaya Gopi, Anuj Malviya, Josh Elias Joy, Krishna Sandilya, Srinivas Saladi, Bhargava Tadi, Venkat Sai and Poorna Chandra at IIIT Hyderabad.



HCI/User Interaction and Usability of Digital Products ( Spring 2024 )


HCI/User Interaction and Usability of Digital Products ( Spring 2023 )