HYSEA is a pioneering industry initiative and a non-profit organization that brings together the various IT and ITeS Organizations’ under one umbrella to network, transfer knowledge and work closely with the Government and other stake holders for business growth, social development and economic prosperity of the state. The association is 28 years old and has more than 300 registered members, representing more than 90% of Hyderabad’s IT industry revenue and employee headcount. Over the last 28 years, HYSEA has been able to play the role of a catalyst to effectively to serve the needs of its members.

Product Lab

Product labs is the market relevant product engineering arm of technology transfer office (TTO) that
  • Curates & Brings Relevant Market/Business Insights to the institute
  • Defines products based on market potential
  • Enables Market/Licensing Readiness Of Institute Research
  • Identifies “Go To Market” Owner & Collaborates with partnering Corporates/Investors
Product Labs Programs
  • Entrepreneur In Residence - Build your startup using our technologies and we will enable your MVP development.
  • Corporate Innovation - We develop prototypes aligned to sponsor’s areas of interest. You could be a company/incubator/VC/Investor
  • Social Innovation - Enables technology for larger social good. We develop the prototype.
  • Potential licensees can submit the technology licensing request to All requests will be examined by TTO to determine and execute the term sheet for licensing.
One Day Maker Lab Workshop – Batch1
  • A brief overview of physical products and product prototypes made with several examples and to introduce various machines. With a specific product say An LED matrix display product(Image in Gallery section below). This product will be designed and then break it down into its constituent building blocks. The building blocks become the tasks. With each task needs one type of machine, starting from the cad tool (Tinker CAD & Fusion360) that is used to get the visual form, and then break it into parts, and get machines ready drawings for each part (3d printing or laser cutting).


IIT-Hyderabad manages its innovation, entrepreneurial and technology outreach efforts through Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).
CIE in its V2.0 now is now focusing on deep-tech startups, seeding startups directly out of research, and actively connecting research with startups.
We house 80+ startups, running two structured accelerators (one on deep tech, and one on medtec) and very actively engaged in the city startup ecosystem


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