Design Thinking Workshop II - 08/04/2022

The Second Design Thinking Workshop was held on on 8th April 2022 at Saranga Hall, Nilgiri Block, IIIT H Campus. The theme of the workshop was "Cost of Loneliness Amongst Indian Youth, Can Technology Help?"

The workshop explored:
"How Might We Help the Indian Youth Combating Loneliness and Its Devastating Emotional, Physical and Economic Consequences?".

A total of 30 participants including , Students, and Young Professionals attended the workshop. The workshop was conceptualised, curated, and conducted by Prof. Raman Saxena (SERC) and Dr. Priyanka Srivastava (Perception and Cognition Lab) and was supported & sponsored by Prof. Raghu Reddy, Head of PDM & SERC and Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, PDM Programme. Dr. Hima Ravi, consultant psychiatrist was the invited as subject matter expert to share her perspective on combating loneliness.