Design Thinking Workshop III - 23/04/2022

The Third Design Thinking Workshop was held on 23rd April 2022 at Saranga Hall, Nilgiri Block and KRB Auditorium at IIIT H Campus. The theme of the workshop was "The Value of Bicycling Experience for a City and its People".

The Workshop explored:"How Can We Promote and Support, Safe and Comfortable Bicycling Experience for the People Living in Hyderabad so that Hyderabad is Transformed into Healthier & Happier City and How Technology can Support this Goal?"

There was an overwhelming response to the workshop. A total of 240 participants including, Students, and Young Professionals from Industry and Startups attended the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Raman Saxena and Prof. Raghu Reddy (SERC). Designated "Bicycle Mayor of Hyderabad City" Shri Santhana Selvan and Mr. Ravi representing Greater Hyderabad Active Mobility Foundation were invited as subject matter experts and end users of the potential product. They shared their thoughts and answered questions coming from the workshop participants.