Product labs is the market relevant product engineering arm of technology transfer office (TTO) that
  • Curates & Brings Relevant Market/Business Insights to the institute
  • Defines products based on market potential
  • Enables Market/Licensing Readiness Of Institute Research
  • Identifies “Go To Market” Owner & Collaborates with partnering Corporates/Investors
Product Labs Programs
  • Entrepreneur In Residence - Build your startup using our technologies and we will enable your MVP development.
  • Corporate Innovation - We develop prototypes aligned to sponsor’s areas of interest. You could be a company/incubator/VC/Investor
  • Social Innovation - Enables technology for larger social good. We develop the prototype.
  • Potential licensees can submit the technology licensing request to All requests will be examined by TTO to determine and execute the term sheet for licensing.


IIT-Hyderabad manages its innovation, entrepreneurial and technology outreach efforts through Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).
CIE in its V2.0 now is now focusing on deep-tech startups, seeding startups directly out of research, and actively connecting research with startups.
We house 80+ startups, running two structured accelerators (one on deep tech, and one on medtec) and very actively engaged in the city startup ecosystem